Friday, October 29, 2010

Domino - Bookcases with transparent hollow side designed by Esedra

Esedra always designing furniture with a touch more exclusive and innovative. One product is the Domino Book Shelves. This bookcase is made of wood with the back side is made of metal plates that are designed with hollow model. It is suitable to be put in place that require lighting that is weak because of this bookcase serves to continue the light from the source to where the room is needed. In addition, this bookshelf can also be placed in the room divider or room divider. In designs using bright colors that give a more vivid effect. For more details see product Esedra

Modern Brown Leather Sofa designed by Ditre Italia

Leather sofa designed by Ditre Italia is a sofa that is very flexible. There are two versions: one with a sofa pillow straight, the other with a slanted pillow. You can set up the chairs this sofa according to the spatial structure are available either with the longitudinal direction or turn. You also can put it either in the middle or at the corner of the room. The sofa is very flexible because the material is made of leather will provide comfort to sit in the living room. More details on Ditre Italia