Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Matrioshka chair, a chair with a double function, as well as a storage seat

Matrioshka chair is made of woven rattan and workmanship with handmade. In the design in Indonesia by skilled craftsmen very funiture. Unique design, this chair resembles a traditional Russian doll, Matrioshka. Not only as a place to sit, she also useful as a storage. It is suitable to be placed either in the living room or your patio room.

Orbit Chair to Relax in the Garden House

Try to imagine how much fun relaxing in the overstuffed chair orbit while enjoying the beautiful view of the high seas. Well that would be nice!

Do you know what that chair orbit? Orbit or a recliner chair, can we meet on the beach. Furniture belonging to the group this daybed has two functions, namely as a place to sit and can also be for a nap. Usually chair a round shape, and there was a "canopy" on it. The canopy serves as an umbrella that holds direct sun throws a chair user.

Orbit chair actually fits well placed in the home garden. Especially if the park home large enough. You can put it on the lawn and side by side with a fish pond. Gurgling sound from the fish pond fountain will create a different atmosphere sensation despite being only in the park.

To enhance the appearance, on a chair to add a few pillows with colorful upholstery contrasting to display fresh and cheerful impression. Long cloth or canopy can be fitted to avoid direct sunlight, for your leisure activities more enjoyable.